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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  February 17, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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are they think something. >> reporter: we spoke to boaters who say they are surprise today does not happen more often. >> it should happen every day. >> reporter: they think both boats may to be blame. >> this are a lot of stupid people out in the bay too,. >> most of us can see that big thing coming. >> reporter: the former commodore of this club thinks everyone needs to slow down. >> you have to be careful around the big boats and the ferry is regular schedule. most should be aware of that. >> after it is complete we sit down and look at regulations and if we can heighten the focus on anything. >> reporter: the crewmembers of the ferry are onid paid administrative -- are on paid administrative leave pending drug tests and the investigation. >> they will find that there was a good reason for it, back to you. there were demonstrations around the nation today including san francisco to urge president barack obama to take action on climate change and to
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reject a pipeline that would carry oil from canada to texas. we have more on what is behind the effort, don? >> reporter: it is a complex and difficult problem for the barack obama administration, some say this is oil, some say dirty oil, and on the other greenhouse grasses. >> reporter: thousands of protesters gather in san francisco to show themselves as ordinary citizens concerned about america. >> this is putting a face on the public support for clean energy and opposition to the dirty keystone xl pipeline. >> i consider myself a raegt person. so, indeed, i think the idea here is to be reasonable and to try to get other reasonable
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people to think about the reality of climate change. >> reporter: undetoured by freezing temperatures, tens of thousands rally inside in wash washington, d.c. demanding the administration take action on chime at change and reject the oil pipeline. the president earlier this year said he would push the pipeline through. he sounded more cautious in the state of the union address last week. >> if congress will not act soon, i will, i will direct my cabinet to come up with exittive actions that we can take now -- executive actions that we can take now and in the future. >> reporter: the pipeline would run from canada to the gulf coast, environmentalists worry about the risk of oil spills, they claim the oil from tar sands generates more greenhouse gases than conventional. the president has gone part way but they want more.
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>> now we want him to do the next thing, say no to the keystone pipeline and say yes to cutting carbonfrom existing power plants. >> reporter: "new york times" article says the stakes in the debate have been defined in absolute terms that compromise is nearly impossible. >> thank you. burglars showed no love to people in an up scale neighborhood on valentine's day. two homes b five miles apart were hit with within hours of each other on hillsborough on thursday. thieves broke in one home on the front door and unlocked window at the other house a short time later. the police are asking people to be vigilant and call them if they saw anything suspicious that morning. the san francisco police department is catching more crooks, thanks to you. how technology is connecting investigators with the public. >> there is our suspect back there. >> reporter: it all started with the cell phone video. rowdy crowds torching a muni
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bus after the giants won the world series. the police posted sraot to their web site under the tab, lineup, and the tips came rolling in. >> it made us realize, wait a minute f. -- if it happens with this case try another video. >> reporter: the lineup launched last december and features a new crime video each week. >> stabbing him in the back of the neck. >> reporter: criminals on the streets of san francisco. >> throws him down on the ground. >> reporter: committing robbery and murder. >> a short time after that we discovered she was dead in her residence. >> all of a sudden i see her fly. >> reporter: when a suspect was caught on camera running away after killing a woman's pet dog. all captured by cam ras that exist on every street corner in the city. the lineup is the modern day version of community policing. using social media to solve crimes. >> when we wear the uniform we
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see things through different eyes, the criminals take it for granted. they are out looking for us but they are not looking for members of the public who are watching this video and looking at them. a tampa tempting to throw it inside of the bus. >> one suspect has been arrested and one positive he id'd. tipsters can call, text or e- mail information. by accessing the lineup on fspd's web site. >> people are recording 24/7. especially if someone is committing a crime i can guarantee it. >> all tips can be anonymous. in san francisco, kpix-5. tens of thousands went to the vatican for a historic address. what the pope is asking for as he heads towards retirement. those that enjoy a shot of whiskey created a uproar. what they decided to do with
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information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. blessed about a hundred thousand pilgrims in saint peter's square today. cbs reporter, anna matranga was at the vatican, when the pope asked his followers for their prayers.
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the pope blessed 100,000 people today. cbs reporter was at the vatican when the pope asked his followers for his prayers. >> reporter: chaptering "long live the pope" and waving banners, 10s of thousands of people came to the square to see the pope before he resigned. >> thank you for the prayers and support. >> reporter: the 85-year-old appeared from the window for the first time since announcing his resignation. he asked for prayers for himself and the next pope. it was not just catholics that came to hear benedict's second to last weekly blessing. >> being jewish i did not think it would be that big of a deal but it was moving to see it. see all of the people who supported him. >> reporter: cardinals around the world are starting to gather here at the vatican. they will hold a farewell ceremony with the pope and then set a date for the gathering
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called the congave to elect his successor. >> reporter: he is the first pope to retire in 600 years. >> it raises questions because now we have a press death precedent in modern times. >> some think it is an opportunity to update the catholic church. >> the church has been conservative until now and maybe a younger person, although i respect him totally as pope, but i think they need some young people. >> reporter: the pope says he will live in a monstare inside of vatican city after he steps down. -- monistary inside of the vatican city after he steps down. getting to them. early. it was fun while it lasts but now the mild weather is history. i will place the timing of the raindrops and when you can expect it as the news continues
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listened. today was super sunday at bay area churches and it had nothing to do with sports. as kpix five shows you, california state officials joined with african-american churches to urge kids to aim for college. [music] >> reporter: at alan temple baptist church, california state university is reaching out to african-american kids before the streets get them. >> consider going to college. >> i decided i would like to further my education. >> reporter: according to the national education of statistics young african- american men don't go to college as much as white, asian and hispanic counterparts. and csu wants to change that. >> college education will be a great opportunity for them to advance themselves. >> reporter: and they are encouraging attending any college. just get that piece of paper. >> it can be in the community college, california state university system, or private universities. >> reporter: jason henry goes to night school after his day job. i asked him, was it ease stphe.
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>> not at all. tough, especially working full time and attend classes. >> reporter: he learn today is easier to get in than get out. he can see the light at the end of the ton stphaoel all it takes is good grades to get in but getting out say struggle. >> reporter: he was called schoolboy and soft because he did not want to hang out with the boys. >> people don't want to see you succeed because it makes them feel a certain way. >> reporter: and to kids watching this what does he have to say? that dream big that is what i would tell them. >> reporter: and the high road can be lonely. >> i pretty much don't have any friends. i stay solo because pretty much friends are not really there for you. they will not have your back in the long run. >> reporter: reporting from oakland, kpix-5. well, the lunar new year got off to a healthy start with an annual 10-k run through chinatown. the route went through the historic districts. it went through north beach,
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the financial district and the embarcadero, the 35th annual race and benefit chinatown ymca physical education program that serves hundreds of families. >> dithat race before. it is really fun. >> it looks like a lot of fun and a good way to start off the festivities. >> and a great way so see your town t is. >> good thing they -- it is. >> good thing they ran today instead of later this week. >> yes. dodging raindrops that are coming back this way. we have a change in the current weather pattern. in fact, a step out outside right now it is kpix-5 weather camera looking out towards mount deablo. on tuesday night we will see a dusting of snow down at 2500 feet. that mountain stands at 3,847. certainly a nice white coating there. currently we are in the 50s and 60s. the winds are out of the west at 17 at sfo.
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otherwise flat at this hour. now, today's high temperatures were pretty similar to yesterday. not just a couple of degrees cooler. sanfrancisco at 58 degrees. 50s in pacifica. 66 in livermore. you take a look at the san jose temperature at 63 degrees, average high, 61, still above normal. typically we should be at 60 in oakland but instead, 64, tonight, overnight, into the 30s and the 40s. 34 degrees. so, that is near freezing in santa rosa. you got to believe they could see 32. upper 30s and fremont. it is glorious. official sun down at five:50 looking out from oakland. -- 5:50 looking out from oakland. tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy. you will feel the difference with the sea breeze, adding cooler numbers across the boards. otherwise we have an unsettled weather pattern. first all, the pressure to the
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north. it is vigorous, gathering strength, momentum, it is going to continue to erode our area of high pressure that is encompanyacing the mild states, that high pressure going -- encomassing the mild states that high pressure going in. here is the morning commute. you will definitely need that umbrella. meanwhile, by the time the cold front races through rapidly in a southerly direction up to 1 1/2 inches of rain should be expected. we will see snow around the mount hamilton area. wednesday, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions. here is the sierra forecast, we are expecting six inches of snow above 6,000 feet. tomorrows tomorrow for the holiday. 50s everywhere. under 60. a threat of a thunderstorm on
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tuesday as well. containing small hail. when you see that 50 degrees inland that means most of us will be in the 40s and then the 50s each and every day until about sunday. but, to bring it back home tomorrow for the holiday dry day, cooler, 53 to 57 degrees for the president's holiday. >> all right, thank you very much. vern is here talking baseball. >> absolutely. dennis is chopping at the bit to give us a report. he is in phoenix and ladies first in nascar. what did danica patrick do this time?
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sports' signature bowl event... with boyfriend, driver rickey all right, the good old boy network of nascar this is a big deal. the way the sports signature bowl event, she is leading it. it is danica patrick with boyfriend driver ricky stanhouse watching. she is the first female driver to win the pole for next sunday's daytona 500. the sport front loads the schedule with the biggest race to lead off the season. patrick averaged 196 miles per hour. only jeff gordon came close. patrick's best finish in a sprint cup race is 17th. >> i feel like i grew up with good values and good goals and i was brought up to be the fastest driver not the fastest girl.
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i have been lucky enough to make history and be the first woman to do many things and i really just hope that i don't stop doing that. we have a lot more history to make and we are excited to do it. >> her boyfriend starts 12th. baseball takes us back to arizona. yesterday, dennis was with the giants and today, the a's. >> thank you, vern. hello everyone from phoenix. the a's one the biggest surprises in 2012. several key players, however, are now gone but the spirit remains. >> people have that confidence. you can kind of see it when they come back and they are ready and kpaoeutd. everyone is ready to come out here and play -- ready and excited. everyone is ready to come out and play. >> reporter: .500 team at the break, they won game after game in the most dramatic fashion imaginable. >> the oakland a's will live another day.
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>> reporter: the season ended against detroit. but, the magic is still here. it is unmistakable. can you catch lightning in a bottle twice? >> i pride myself and i am sure the team was the same way last year being the underdog and overcoming. we did that all season. and it is a rewarding feeling in the end. >> reporter: gone are gome, and inch and mccarthy. new is starting shortstop nakagima, lowry and young, a trio of key editions adding pop. >> they were eliminated it hurt me. i was pulling for them. but, you never know going into the season no matter what the payroll may be. the character that you have in the clubhouse and that you have to be really good and get a little lucky and a few walk offs later next thing you know you are right there in it. >> reporter: can moss repeat
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his home run campaign of 2012? just how much shaving cream is lou willing to buy? >> it is part of a plan. it could of worked out better than i anticipated. i think we are a year ahead of where we planned to be and that is great. >> reporter: now, coming up tonight at 11:00:30. we will go one -- 11:30. we will go one-on-one and chat baseball and have a couple cold beverages with marty lewry: back to you. >> i want to see more of his beard. this is asp open final. first set, how do you like that return? the first set 6-4, in the far court, up 5-3 here in the match. hits it wide. and for the third straight year
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ronach wins the open that moves to tennessee next year. babble for you really quick. we will get out of here with this. number 4 stanford visits ucla. late first half. samulson, man can she shoot. >> hit you outside, hit you inside, the post, scoring 26, stanford wins 68-57. to get to 13-1 in the pac-12. i will see you on "game day" later on and sooner than that at 6:30 you. >> are ready for march madness and i am ready for baseball. >> whatever the lady wants. >> wow! i think that is the first time. >> oh, by the way, happy birth day to michael jordan. yes, turns 50. >> yes. and my son michael hahn. yes, yes, and everyone thought i named michael after jordan because i was living in chicago
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at the time. we were like we know who is daddy is. [ laughter ] news updates are on our web site. good night.
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>> tonight capacity crowd, on his second to last sunday pope benedict blesses thousands in st. peter's square as we look at challenges for the next pope. allen pizzey is in rome. more details in the case of oscar pistorius accused of murdering his girlfriend. kelly cobiella is tracking the investigation. >> partisan finger pointing steps up with a new kind of cliff 12 days away. looming federal budget cuts. bill plante reports on that.
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and tore rel brown says olympic wrestle's loss could be wushu's gain. >> jeff: in is the captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone. i'm jeff glor. we begin this sunday in rome where pope benedict preside over his next to last sunday service. his abrupt resignation last monday takes effect on february 28th. but the vatican has yet to announce a date for the conclave that will annoint a successor. allen pizzey in st. peter's square begins our coverage. >> reporter: benedict xvi treated his regular sunday angelus as business as usual. but usual days don't draw crowds like this. an estimated 50,000 faithful jammed st. peter's square. the pope's only reference to his impending retirement was in spanish. when he asked the crowd to
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